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Program #jg2
Guest:Jerry Goff

Jerry's Vegetable Salad

1 Head of Lettuce
A Small Amount of Celery
1 Bunch of Green Onions (Try to Get the Small Green Onions)
2 Tomatoes (During winter months the Hydro-Grown Tomatoes are best)

When selecting the lettuce make sure the lettuce head is not too tight. Cut off the top of the lettuce and cut into little pieces. Place lettuce in salad bowl. Jerry's rule is always start with the lettuce first. You are going to have more lettuce than anything else. Next put in the onions. Only use the green portion of the onion - that's where the flavor is. Cut in a quarter length. Use as much as you like. Next dice the celery. Don't put in too much celery - celery tends to dominate the flavor of the salad. Also, make sure the celery is crispy.

Put in the tomatoes. During the winter time, hydro-grown tomatoes are the best. Slice tomatoes in 1/2 inch thickness. It is important to lift the whole cutting board when putting in the tomatoes. You want to make sure you have all the juice. Scrape the board to make sure you have all the juice.

You are ready to mix the salad when the tomatoes are on top. Tomatoes hold the seasoning better because they are damp. Season to taste. Make sure you take time in mixing the salad - the mixing is so important to evenly distribute the flavor. This is a great dish without salad dressing. One thing to remember is not to over-saturate with salad dressing. This is great with just a steak!

Jerry's Tortilla

Diced White Meat of Chicken (Bite Size Pieces)
Diced Dark Meat of Chicken (Bite Size Pieces)
Hydro-grown Tomatoes
Package of Mexican Cheese
Olive Oil
Corn Tortilla

Begin by cooking your corn tortilla. Coat the bottom of frying pan with olive oil. Sprinkle a tiny bit of water in the pan to see if oil is hot enough before placing your tortilla in oil. When tortilla is placed in frying pan, little bubbles will come up when tortilla begins to cook. It is important to place the cooked tortilla on a paper towel to drain the grease. Make sure you do not over-cook.

Place chicken in the middle of your tortilla. Top with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. To give really great flavor get Ortega sauce

Jerry cookin' up a storm

Use hydroponically grown tomatoes in winter!

Jerry demonstrates the many uses of a rotisserie chicken.