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Program #185
Guest:Dr. Aubrey Coffee

Gingerbread Custard

20 fl oz Whole milk
2 oz Fresh ginger, chopped
6 oz Granulated sugar
Pinch Salt
1 tsp Cinnamon
tsp Nutmeg
tsp Cloves
.25 oz Cake flour
1 oz Corn starch
3 oz Egg yolk (about five large egg yolks)
1.5 oz Whole eggs (about of a large egg)
1.5 oz unsalted butter (3 TBSP)
8 fl oz Heavy whipping cream
Powdered Sugar
Gingerbread Cookie Garnish

Steep* the ginger in 16 oz of the milk for 10 minutes, strain to remove the ginger and return the milk to saucepan. Add half of the sugar and salt to the hot milk and bring to a boil without stirring. Combine cornstarch, remaining sugar, spices, and cake flour in a bowl. Slowly add the remaining milk to form a smooth paste. Add the eggs/egg yolk to cornstarch mixture.

Temper with the hot milk. Bring the mixture back to a second boil. Cook for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and immediately pour into a clean mixing bowl. Fold in the butter until melted.

Cover by placing plastic wrap on the surface of the custard. Chill over an ice bath or refrigerate after placing on sheet-pan with surface covered with plastic wrap to 80F. Fold in heavy cream whipped to medium peaks. Cover and chill until needed.

*Steep: to soak a food, especially dry seasoning and spices, in a hot liquid in order to either extract its flavor or soften its texture.
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